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Make Same BPM With Adobe v 1.5



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Subtitles Manager

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BPM via Adobe v 1.5

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Vocal Remove Using Sound Forge

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Virtual Dub

Here Tool For Merger ass.File And Video 
Download V1.9.11 (x86 / 32-bit) release build (VirtualDub-1.9.11.zip)
Download V1.9.11 (x64 / 64-bit) release build (VirtualDub-1.9.11-AMD64.zip) 

Vsfilter Vdf Plugin
v1.9.11 (stable)
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Join Video And Text

First Open Virtual Dub
Then click Filter Add
Load VD.filter Then search Text Sub (OK)
After That 
Save As Avi
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Vocal Remove Using Adobe

  • 1. Convert  file from mp3  to wav 16bit
  • 2. Load your adobe audition. then right click on project area –> choose insert –>  audio
  • 3. Find effect > amplitude > normalize ke 50%
  • 4. Effect > Filter/Stereo Imagery > central channel extractor, choose acapella, custom 150hz to 21000hz
  • 5. Center channel level 10db (listen by click preview, when the music still hard move to 5 )
  • 6. Discrimination setting move to wide until 0.Listen by click preview….if it less for value move to 1,3 or 3
  • 7. Phase disrimination 20
  • 8. Amplitude disrimination 2
  • 9. Spectral decay 0
  • 10.Amplitude band 10
  • 11.Fft side 8192
  • 12 Overlay 12
  • 13. Interval size 15ms, after finish your set, then click ok
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Tools For Audio

We Use Adobe  v.1.5
We Use Sound Forge v.10
We Use Acid pro v.7.0
Click Links Above For Download
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